Beer Syndromes

Beer Folk are good people. We appreciate subtle nuances, flavors and textures that “regular people” might miss. We dive into history, culture, equipment, ingredients, processes, temperatures and camaraderie. We evangelize. We tick. We taste. We collect.

Sometimes we go overboard, living the beer-version of Comic Book Guy. As the whole point of brewvana is to establish an ideal condition of harmony, beer and joy, I’d be remiss if I didn’t use my pensive BS to hold us accountable for our own occasionally dorky behavior. Notice I said we. I’m not looking down my nose and pointing my finger at a bunch of yous. I gather much of my material from introspection and self-observation.

To that end, I’ve gathered all links to “Syndrome” posts here on this page, so they’re easy to find. Take them both seriously and with a grain of salt. And with a beer in hand.

brewvana‘s Beer Syndromes:

Bi-polar Brewer Syndrome (AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!/YIPEEEEE!!!!!!)

Everybody’s a Critic Syndrome (On the Opinion Expresser)

Beer-soaked Life Syndrome (Put Some Margin into your Beer Life)

Over-analysis Syndrome

Armchair Brewer Syndrome

Least Common Denominator Syndrome (One-Track Mind)

Geek-by-osmosis Syndrome

Tongue Ownership Syndrome

Beer Typo Syndrome

Beer Ticker Syndrome


4 Responses to Beer Syndromes

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