Beer ticker syndrome project concludes (Q4 report)

Though this has been a delicious and bountiful beer year, the thespian in me is glad to see this performance come to an end. If you were wondering if I had Beer Ticker Syndrome, I can ensure you that I do not.

It has been a major drag recording every single beer that I have tried throughout 2009–and I haven’t even been taking notes. How do those beer Raters and Advocates do it? It just goes to show that we all have different strengths and interests. Ticking is not for me.

Certainly, I try all I can and pay attention to them, but recording them for posterity and or a shot at Beer Drinker of the Year or some kind of bragging rights is simply not on my to-do list. Ticking takes away from my enjoyment of the experience, my own private brewvana.

After close scrutiny to my imbibing habits, I concluded 2009 with the following statistics:

Quarter 1: 123 beers tried

Quarter 2:   76 beers tried

Quarter 3: 263 beers tried

Quarter 4:    46 beers tried

Total Beers for 2009: 510 beers (serving sizes ranged from 2 oz. to several gallons)

As I expected, the number dipped in the final quarter, but I still proudly buried Glenn’s best guess of 400 beers for my final tally. Early in the year, I was doing a fairly good job of keeping track of what was a new-to-me beer, as well as homebrews vs. commercial beers, but to offer statistics on that would be silly at this point. Q4 saw, I think, only eight different homebrews, and perhaps 29 new-to-me beers, but my enthusiasm for anything better than an accurate total diminished months ago.

It’s been a fun little project, but I’m glad it’s over.

If you enjoy this made-up Beer Syndrome crap, click here.


One Response to Beer ticker syndrome project concludes (Q4 report)

  1. Glenn says:

    Yeah but I still win the prize for the closest guess 😉

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