The Gospel According to St. Arnold

Welcome to an essential brewvana series.

This series first appeared in late 2007, and I’d hope it would become required reading for theology students the world over. That may or may not happen. In any case, I’d consider it required reading for the enthusiastic brewvana reader, so here it is in a convenient place to find the links that trickled in over the course of a few Wednesdays, way back when…

Discussing The Role of Beer in a Christian Life OR The Role of Christianity in a Beery Life. I give you:

“The Gospel According to St. Arnold.”

The Preface

Part 1–I Smell a Pharisee

Part 2–St. Arnold, Beer and Church Connections

Part 3–What Would Jesus Brew?

Part 4–Solving Christians’ Drinking Problems with Sex and Money

Part 5–Closing Thoughts on Spreading the Gospel


One Response to The Gospel According to St. Arnold

  1. […] the web I ran across Brewvana’s “The Gospel According to St. Arnold“. I was immediately interested and began reading. I sent J. a note asking if I could share […]

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