And a pitcher to go

I prolly won’t be drinking sloe gin fizzes, but come August (19-21), I’m heading to Portland for the Second Annual Beer Bloggers Conference.

Due to the popularity of my little side project (did I mention I’ve signed a book deal and we’re shooting for a late October release?), I’ve been asked to speak this year on kicking up creativity a notch or two. This invite is more than a little humbling, as King of Amazingness Beer Legend Fred Eckhardt is also on the bill.

The conference was informational and a lot of fun last year in Boulder, and I’m glad to be going back. I’ve been–live in–brewvana, but I’ve never been to beervana, so I’m very much looking forward to the trip, the beer sippings and whatever else may go down.

Portland, of course, brings to mind Jack White and Loretta Lynn, so I thought I’d share this video to get you in the mood:

I’m flying out a couple of days early to check out Brother Matt and miscellaneous other good stuff. Stay tuned…

Cheers, all! Hope to see you there!


One Response to And a pitcher to go

  1. Glenn says:

    So who is going to play you in the movie version? 😉

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