Beer pairings for regular folks, Part 3

Never in my life have I made tater tot casserole, but as I scoured my brain for lame food ideas, this Midwestern classic emerged as a perfect meal for not only this series, but also a wonderful pairing for the homebrewed Belgian Golden Strong I planned to crack open.

Success! While the dish’s only element of intrigue was the flashback to bad lunchroom food as a kid, the golden strong did a good job of cutting through the palpable fat and cholesterol-building disgusting-ness. The alcohol brightened the mouth and fought off some of that goofy tater tot flavor.

Interestingly, as I searched for “just the right recipe,” I was distracted by a Midwestern church cookbook’s (great place for lame recipes) Potato Weiner Bake. I was tempted to go there, but you know, it wouldn’t have worked with the Belgian Golden Strong quite as well…


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