Beer pairings for regular folks, Part 5

Michelle refused to eat this one, but boy did it bring back memories of my youth.

A simple, two ingredient affair, Beanie Weanies is a Midwestern classic, and one of two or three dishes that my mom cycled through our dinner table on a regular basis when I was a kid. It’s a bit slick and fatty feeling in the mouth, so I paired it with something to scrape the palate clean while bringing in malt and hop booms with an alcohol kick.

A bottle of Boundary Bay‘s Old Bounder Barley Wine, a gift from BB assistant brewer Anthony Stone and delivered to me by his kind mother-in-law, who lives in my midst. Yes, the beer world is small, and I am very thankful for both Anthony and Mrs. Ekdahl.

The barley wine absolutely did the trick, cutting through the fat and oddly complimenting this “dish,” while adding the hop bang so lacking in both beans and hot dogs.

Dead serious. Give it a try…


One Response to Beer pairings for regular folks, Part 5

  1. ShaneB says:

    Great pairing there JW…we lived on the Peninsula of Washington for a year and spent many weekends over in B’ham at Boundary Bay. The beer is great as well is their food and what an atmosphere. Oh how I wish they were not so far away from here. It was honestly one of the greatest years of my life, and Boundary Bay holds a special spot in this overworked heart…

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