Yoga for the beer geek: kidney, liver maintenance

I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure or anything. It’s just that certain yoga poses are known to carry benefits of this or that kind.

Since Wonderful Beer Wife is a yoga instructor, I tapped her asana-licious expertise to aid in the recovery from my now well-documented 46 days of liquid bread and water–knowing good and well that I’ve been beating up on these two precious organs.

And so it came to be that in addition to chowing liver- and kidney-friendly foods like cabbage and broccoli, I’ve done quite a lot of yoga of late.

Normally, my yoga is confined to bending my elbow, but Michelle designed me a yin practice designed to massage my alc-abused organs and get back on track. Since beer festival season is upon us, I thought I’d share this regime, which one can complete to great benefit in 45 minutes or less. The key here is simple poses targeting connective tissues rather than muscles.

Hold them for three minutes each, which is boring yet important in an easy yet length-induced difficult style of yoga. These specific poses were selected to target not only the connective tissues but also the liver and kidneys–a double-duty of sorts.

1. Reclining Butterfly (use a pillow or bolster under your back, which is more visible in the photo for pose #2)

2. Reclining Hero (you may want an extra pillow at the bend of your knees for comfort–this one sucks, to be honest)

3. Sphinx

4. Half Dragonfly (do this on both sides)

5. Reclining Twist (do this on both sides)

6. Happy Baby

7. Child’s Pose

8. Savasana (hang here for as long as you want to lock in the goody of the previous poses and relax the body–your body temp will drop, so get comfy–you might even want a light blanket to stay warm. Feel free to take a nap–sometimes it just happens, especially when you have the Yoga Girl talking you through a deep relaxation [which you could prolly find online, as well]).

I don’t listen to the same kind of soothing music that Michelle does, so rather than “Michelle’s stuff,” I’ve flirted with the likes of Paul Simon, Pink Floyd and bossa nova to accompany my yoga practice. Bossa nova, especially my buddy Stan Getz, is my favorite. Give it a shot and maintain your organs in style. Cheers!


2 Responses to Yoga for the beer geek: kidney, liver maintenance

  1. turtleweiss says:

    I’ve been doing daily stretches for a couple years now, but only 30 seconds each position, I didn’t know I was doing yoga! Also, did Stan do a bossa nova album? I only know his west coast jazz style that he is famous for. Good tunes. Good times!

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