The Last Supper

Wow! It’s been a crazy week. The only thing that was supposed to be crazy was the Illuminator Doppelbock release party March 8, but the media has gone bonkers over this Part-time endeavor.

My phone won’t stop ringing, my email won’t stop erupting and it hasn’t been the quiet, contemplative week I had planned for myself as I set my shoulders toward a 46-day doppelbock fast. And so it has taken a full week to get to a re-cap of our Fat Tuesday feast at Rock Bottom, which featured a commercially scaled-up version of one of my homebrew recipes.

Big thanks to Eric Sorensen at Rock Bottom-Des Moines for the gracious use of his brew house and assistance in so many ways to make this beer and this project a reality. It has been humbling on many levels.

If rumors are true, Illuminator was the best attended special release in four years, so it’s pleasing to know that I was able to give something back in return, if only a few more tables turned and pints served. With the weather threatening, it could have all come undone, but I was able to rally a few local friends and family to the beery cause–though I have no idea who all those other people were!

The crawfish bowl served some 75 revelers, and we had more than just Illuminator to see us through: Volksweizen, Fire Chief Ale and Heartland Light Lager. And if you were in the know, you made it a point to try a Porter, Hey Porter, which I helped Eric brew on Illuminator’s birthday. The crawfish boil served as my last official meal before starting my fast for Lent, and it was a worthy way to finish out the “before” part of the experience, though I’ll admit, I snagged a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup at a gas station on the way home.

Thanks to Michelle, Kyle, Jessica, Anastasia, Joe, Kara, John, Brent, Chuck, Justin, Matt, Jon, Don, Christy, Denise, Jewels and Marilea (et al) for making it a fun evening for me, knowing that I had friends and family on my side. Thanks also to all the well-wishes I’ve received over the last week, but especially to Eric.



One Response to The Last Supper

  1. Glenn says:

    Not being a religious sort I didn’t notice that Lent had actually started 😦 . Made up for it and caught up with your posts about your adventure. I will be finding some Doppelbock tomorrow to raise one to you. Hope all goes well, and you don’t really become a monk 😉 Good luck!!

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