Halifax Hops

Retired from the US Air Force and looking for some noble work to do, Ray Brenner of Halifax, PA, has turned his attention to hops, working toward a commercial operation to satisfy the needs of a hop loving public.

Brenner sent me a sample of Cascades a while back, so I brewed up an American brown ale to give them a test drive. The result was grapefruit-kissed libation that has served me well, whether paired with Moroccan tagine, chili dogs, ham and beans, wasabi peas or all by itself.

Brenner has 150 hills and will be expanding to 500 this year, adding 10-15 varieties to see what will work best in Pennsylvania. He expects a yield of 200-300 pounds of Cascade and Magnum in the 2011 season and will happily lock in pre-orders for those interested.

No website just yet, but shoot him an email at halifaxhops [AT] hotmail [DOT] com, if you’d like to learn more.


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