Beer pairings for regular folks, Part 1

This is the first in an occasional series on how “regular folks” can integrate craft beer into their “culinary” endeavors.

Who doesn’t love a chili dog? Don’t answer that; I’ve run up against a handful of snobs that fail to appreciate this most basic of gut fillers. At first glance, the beer-thoughts on a chili dog turn to fizzy yellow beers sold for outrageous prices at baseball stadiums.

I call that a misappropriation of funds. Take that same dog-and-beer cash, sink it into a sixer of a good brown ale and toss a few frankfurters on the grill, top with some canned chili and enjoy. The grill-love will work nicely with the malty nuances of a brown ale, while the hop-kisses will cut through some of the body and fat involved in that bunned vixen.

Pictured is my homebrewed Shamalamadingdong American Brown Ale, but you might also eat your dog with a Brooklyn Brown Ale, Big Sky Moose Drool or Surly Bender.


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