Could I drink you for 46 days?

a study in deliciousness, drinkability

and monogamous relationships

In anticipation of my upcoming doppelbock fast, I thought I’d toss back a few bocks and doppelbocks and hold them up to the 46-day measuring stick. Conventional reviews out the window. I can certainly comment on the flavor and aroma, but the ultimate question is could I drink you for 46 days?

Here are the beers I’ve been courting:

Pandora’s Bock (Breckenridge Brewery)–I posted about this one recently, simply because I liked the photo I took, noting, “…quaffable malt and caramel presence. Stitched together nicely with an herbacious hop undertone, this was awfully drinkable for the 7.5 % ABV indicated on the label.” There may be meatier bocks out there, but this is a tasty beer and very drinkable for its ABV.

Could I do it for 46 days? Definitely.

Seeyoulater Doppelbock (Boulevard Brewing)–the cedar aging gives (me) the impression of a thinner body. Good malt character and nuance.

Could I do it for 46 days? Yep.

Salvator (Paulaner)–the modern-day offspring of the original representation of the style, this is higher in alcohol and more attenuated than what the monks would have been imbibing. Their beer would have been quite sweet. This one’s bloody drinkable with malt and toffee notes, though a shadow of former incarnations, as I read up.

Could I do it for 46 days? Yep.

The Creeper (Three Floyds)–big, bold, thick, mean, malt, chocolate, bread, meat and alcoboom with an earthed out finish. This is a contemplative sipper.

Could I do it for 46 days? No, thanks. Too big; it’d wear me out.

Doppelbock Dunkel (Schloss Eggenberg)–bready malt with toffee nuances; medium-full body, creamy as can be. very drinkable.

Could I do it for 46 days? Absolutely.

Schokolade Bock (Millstream Brewing)–For about four years now, this seaonal offering’s perplexed me. I’ve always thought it was a touch thin, with cocoa powder and root beer notes, while I’ve scratched my head that Jason Alstrom gave it an A+ on BA, saying, “Perhaps one of the best Bocks I have ha[d] to date. The taste is flawless and it is so drinkable. A prime example of the style.” I disagree.

Could I do it for 46 days? If the Pope said so.

Double Bock (Sam Adams)–Bready malt with a little more hop bitterness when compared to the rest of this list. Sharper alcohol, as well.

Could I do it for 46 days? If the Pope said so.

La Rossa (Birra Moretti)–The most beautiful of these nine beers, let me mention–that sexy ruby color that I love so much. Bready malt with dark fruits adding another twist. Tasty.

Could I do it for 46 days? Definitely.

25th Anniversary Doppelbock (Millstream Brewing)–Great malt-centric aroma and that pretty, ruby color. The flavor doesn’t quite match the nose, but it’s enjoyable enough, though it’s got very low carbonation.

Could I do it for 46 days? Sure.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if I could/would sustain myself on of any of these for 46 days straight. I’ll be drinking Illuminator. Join us for the release party at Rock Bottom-Des Moines on March 8 (6 p.m.).


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