AC/BC launches in style

4 mash tuns, 6 guys, 60 gallons of beer and a brand-new club

When I moved to Adams County, Iowa, nearly four years ago, my biggest fear was that I would be a beer geek all alone. Thank goodness a pipe burst in my basement, bringing Monte to my house, wrench in hand. He saw kegs stationed on my kitchen floor, and I was delighted to learn that I would have company after all.

A similar scene played out when John stopped by in his big, brown truck to deliver a package.

And there was Goldy. And Bob. And Jimmy and Kyle. Michelle and I launched The Beer Education Project and hosted monthly tastings, which revealed the willing palates of many other beer geeks-in-waiting. And so talk of forming a homebrew club for a little motivation bounced around from time to time.

More than a year after the name Adams County Brew Crew (AC/BC) was conceived, we finally registered our club with the American Homebrewers Association and planned a kick off brew-in.

Missing a few of our core members due to scheduling issues, Steve, George, Jon, Kyle and I descended upon Monte’s shop on Jan. 22 to brew some 60 gallons of Baltic Porter, 53 gallons of which will be aged until Thanksgiving in a Templeton Rye barrel.

And so it begins. Lock up your daughters…


2 Responses to AC/BC launches in style

  1. Adam says:

    sweet club name and awesome club activity for a shared barrel of beer (aged in a TR barrel no less).
    good luck and happy brewin’

  2. Glenn says:

    And that hat is so …you…

    Hey don’t forget that growler stuff we talked about 😉

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