Posing with beer in hand

After two years of discussing the great idea offering a “Happy Hour Yoga” class at Wonderful Beer Wife’s studio, we finally launched the concept last month. After our second session this past weekend, we find ourselves asking why we waited so long.

One, there’s beer involved, so there’s that going for it. But two and three would include the parts about yoga being great for your body and the enjoyable evening of socialization that ensues. Four, it’s been a good tool for recruiting students who come for the beverages and stay for the yoga.

Like me. And Kyle, pictured trying for extra credit during our post-session bottle share social time–I think that one’s called Tree with Beer. But I have all the names down yet, so I could be wrong.

Now, there’s talk of taking Pints and Poses on the road; I sure hope we don’t wait two years to take action. Wanna set up a class at your brewery, bar or festival? Wanna join us? Email the boss at mjtwilson AT gmail DOT com. She’s a slacker about updating her blog, but follow me on Twitter and I’ll try to keep you in the loop on a date for our February class.


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