Barstool Mountaineering, Vol. 3, Part 2–BBC10

Following the initial speakers on the agenda for Nov. 5, the Beer Bloggers Conference attendees loaded a chartered bus and struck out for a visit to the brewery that started the “canned beer apocalypse,” Oskar Blues, located in Longmont.

Entering through the Tasty Weasel, we were greeted by a friendly staff, luscious beer and a wallop of Oskarlicious ‘cue, wings and all the trimmings. We took tours in shifts and I couldn’t stop dreaming about how I intend to change the living room of my house to resemble the OBluesifunk lounge at OB (pictured above).

The trip presented a great opportunity to network, imbibe deliciousness and break into a pickup game of foosball. But it was only a precursor…

….A Bottle Share After Party had been arranged, and all the conference-goers brought liquid nuggets from all parts of the country (and London). This was very much a mini-beer fest, and since it was a hand-culled distillation of everyones’ favorites from their private necks of the woods, it was a damn good festival at that.

For my part, I pimped Hop Wrangler 3 IPA from Peace Tree Brewing in Knoxville, Iowa. They’re a new and welcome addition to the Iowa beer scene, and I was pleased to expose folks to the fact that there is something tasty brewing in this under-the-radar state.

Highlights? Crap attack–I have no idea where to start.

Literally, I started with Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck, a 41% “IPA for the dedicated” that would be only one a many canon balls I would ingest. Impy beers and barley wines were abundant–not to mention The End of History, weighing in at 55% abv. I wasn’t in the official tasting panel, but I still got to lick this brew (thanks, Wench). Loaded with alcoboom, I’d rather spend my sipping dollars on a bottle of bourbon.

Some folks hit the bar after the Bottle Share ended. I’ll be honest: my head hit the pillow. Up early for travel and bogged down in barley, part of being a semi-professional beer drinker is knowing when to quit. After all, this ain’t high school, and there were two more days of the swallowing art laid out before me…stay tuned.


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