I’m just itching to tell you about them…

The time has come for our 2nd Annual Opera House Ball. We’re working to make this one even better than last year (though that’ll require a little help from you), and are happy to announce that this year we’ll be able to hold the ball in the Opera House itself (though construction continues).

It’ll be a great opportunity to see our Board’s progress and to visualize how your few dollars’ worth of mountain oysters can help in completing the project. We’re under the gun with funding, and a recently acquired grant mandates that we will be open by February of 2012. It’s no longer a pipe dream; it’s a reality in the making. I do hope you’ll mark your calendar and make an effort to help us finish our fundraising goals–we have about 16 months remaining to secure our final half million dollars.


Is it a stag event? No

Are kids welcome? Heck, yeah! We want the whole family to enjoy some silly fun.

What do you mean, “creative black tie?” We mean have a little fun with your attire. The Opera House Ball sounds so elegant–and it is–but we want you to have fun with it. No one will feel silly if we’re all dressed silly. Pull out your top hat and pair it with a pair of overalls. This is a great time for those snazzy pants your grandpa wore back in the day. Not many other occasions where a boa looks good on a guy. Use your imagination. This year, by popular vote, we’ll be crowning a King and Queen of the Ball, so the stakes are even higher to look your “best!”

Rocky Mountain Oysters? Of course! Step out of your comfort zone and give them a try; they’re delicious.

Seriously, Rocky Mountain Oysters? Fine. For those who won’t play along, we’ll also be serving ham balls (wink, wink), as well as an array of side dishes. For dessert? Chocolate covered bourbon balls, chocolate covered peanut butter balls and chocolate covered coconut balls. (Your noticing a theme, aren’t you?)

Should I fly in from far away? Yes.

Can I make a large contribution? Certainly. It’s tax deductible. And if you like, you can make a small contribution, because every single dollar counts.

Why else should I come? Among other reasons, because you’ll need to eat that day anyway!


One last thing, do us a favor or two and print that flyer up above and hang it in your office. And then invite a friend to join you. Pass them the link to this post or point them toward our Facebook page (and here’s the event page).


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