Bob Ross Beer Pairing

It was a happy accident.

I was minding my own business eating a homemade pickle that came from my friend, Marty. Killer pickles, they are. Since I just got home from work, I poured myself a glass of oktoberfest. I swallowed my pickle just before my first sip, and I was surprised to find a beautiful little candylike, sugar dance of tasty, pickle-beer melding. I didn’t expect this at all. A ton of bricks, it was.

Somebody call Garrett. This was a great pairing.


One Response to Bob Ross Beer Pairing

  1. Adam says:

    I’ll have to try that, I love pickles AND Ofest. my only accidental food pairing was fritos and milk chocolate….not surprising with sweet/salty & crunchy/smooth. it’s only rock N roll, but I like it.

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