Jimmy’s Kvass

I’m no expert on kvass.

Jimmy’s the same brand of intrigued guy about drinks of this ilk that I am, so much so that he tossed together a small batch as an experiment. He brought me a sample the other day and I’m not sure that my opinion means squat diddly, but I enjoyed it. Was it a good example of kvass? No idea.

My expectations were that it would be a hazy light yellow in color with a very thin body, and a tealike light bready flavor.

My expectations were mostly wrong.

It was packed with plenty of body. And flavor, this glass was laden with it: a tart and tannic, sourdough bread, orange, with a bread and yeast nose like mad. Like I said, I don’t know if it was good or not, but I found it engaging. Jimmy did his version with pumpernickel bread with a few raisins.

Can anybody out there enlighten me on the profile of kvass? Feel free to comment…


One Response to Jimmy’s Kvass

  1. knutalbert says:

    The kvass I have tried have been very sweet, usually syrupy sweet. The best have a fine flavour of sour rye bread, and I have the feeling that adding some yeast could make a decent medium strength beer.
    (The kvass I have tried have been from the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Russia.)

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