To Sundance

It’s been a rough week. I dug my first grave. After a tragic Tuesday morning accident and a fruitless race to the vet, I placed our much-loved Sundance into that grave. She was smart, cheerful and the best-behaved dog I have ever owned. It is sad, disappointing and premature. My boys are learning about loss, something that’s no fun right now, but which will serve them well in the future.

And so I depart work a little early this Friday in search of the appropriate beer to toast her memory. Something golden and refreshing like Sundance. Something that would chase birds (or, failing that, the shadows of birds) if it were a dog. Something that would soak in a mud puddle to cool off and still look good. Something that would run with Michelle in the morning and still have the energy to walk in the evening with the whole family. Something that wags its tail when the cork is popped.

There. It is decided. The Sundance tribute beer will be Ommegang’s Hennepin Saison.

Rest in peace, Sundance.


2 Responses to To Sundance

  1. Brian says:

    My deepest condolences. Losing a pet is a terrible thing. Losing a dog, even worse.

    A fine choice of beverages to salute her.

  2. jimmy says:

    Heartfelt sorrows to you and your boys. Sad.

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