Barstool Mountaineering, Vol. 2, Part 4

San Luis Valley Brewing Company

Before we parted company with the West, we made one last stop for a beer in Alamosa, Colorado. The timing for gas and beer not long after departing our condo couldn’t have been better, but I swear I didn’t exactly plan it. I think we all wanted to linger in the elevation just a little while longer…

So I check out samples of their alt and their oatmeal stout, trying to make a quick decision on one morning pint for the passenger’s seat. The alt is agreeable but I go for the oatmeal stout. It is substantive and will give me strength for the long haul, I reckon.

We order a plate of wings and devour them even though no one admits to being hungry and we’re ahead of the lunching hour.

It’s one of those moments when southern Colorado acts a lot like New Mexico in terms of aesthetics and it feels good to pick at an app with arched windows and adobe-esque leanings. According to Jake and Tom, the root beer is good and the black cherry cream soda is perhaps the best in the world.

The oatmeal stout has body, roast and meaning, and I couldn’t have placed a better order. Scott and Angie Graber–homebrewers-turned-brewpub owner/brewers–should be proud. They done good, and now I can go home with a clear conscience.


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