Barstool Mountaineering, Vol. 2, Part 3

Ska Brewing Company

Somewhere amidst the hiking and hanging, we managed a quick excursion to Durango to visit Ska Brewing Company, a solid brewery with a music-driven comic book branding. It’s a lifestyle brewery, with solid beers to back up the clever image. If this is what the good life tastes like, I say fire up the tunes and let’s go bowling.

The boys tied into local root beer and ginger ale, while I fired up a sampler of Ska’s Blonde, Orange Cream Stout, True Blonde Dubbel, Decadent Imperial IPA and Oak-aged Nefarious Porter. Later, I sipped pints of their Pin Stripe Red and Buster Nut Brown while Jake and Tom bowled and golfed on the Wii.

All the Ska stuff was worthy, and I especially liked the Nefarious and True Blonde Dubbel, while Wonderful Beer Wife dug the Orange Cream Stout. For the sake of documentation, the Blonde Dubbel wasn’t a double of their blonde, nor was it a dubbel. I haven’t really paid attention to how Ska or anyone else has categorized it, but it was a tasty big golden in the Belgian vein.

The orange on Michelle’s favorite seemed restrained, but it intrigued nonetheless and seemed to have a touch more sugar and alcohol presence than the Steel Toe Stout on which it is based.

It was a quiet afternoon when we blew into town. We ordered tasty Mexican from the trailer parked just outside the brewery and cooled off from a hot morning at Chimney Rock.

Tours here are mighty informal–a chat with the bartender procured a personalized walk through the brewery with all the brewery-specific banter one could want. Having scooped out a mash tun a time or two, I was envious of the auger that takes the spent grains straight outside in a non-back-breaking fashion. They’ve just undergone an expansion and the brews can explain why: they’re good.

I picked up a little beer for the fridge at the condo and a Saison Du’rango to take home and reminisce. And then we were gone. Home to drink some ESB or Ten Pin or something.

Nice spot, folks. If you’re in the neighborhood, I’d give it a go.


One Response to Barstool Mountaineering, Vol. 2, Part 3

  1. Adam says:

    did you get to try their Modus Hoperandi in cans? best IPA in a can, imho.

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