Barstool Mountaineering, Vol. 2, Part 1

Trinity boasts one of the coolest bars I've seen, made of recycled beer bottles and backlit (underlit?) for a beautiful effect.

The good news is I’m vacationing in Colorado again this year. There is no bad news.

This year, the focal point is Pagosa Springs, in the southwestern part of the state. More to come on the beers we’re encountering, but first a quick post on our first brewery of the trip: Trinity Brewing Company in Colorado Springs.

A funky little place that proves you can put some soul into a strip mall, Trinity has a great vibe. While the atmosphere is outstanding, the beers stick to the Good category. We did a sampler, which included Sunna Wit, Soul Horkey Ale, Flo IPA (regular and nitro), Awaken Stout (regular and nitro). For me, the wit and the stout stood out with their flagship Horkey ale came in third with an earthy malt character that was enjoyable.

The boys test-drove the root beer with a little disappointment. It was served without ice, and like the family of beers, a little low on carbonation. It was, like the family of beers, on the earthy side. I got buckwheat honey and agreed with Tom’s decision to leave half the glass behind, while Jake was more polite and finished his.

Because it was time to switch drivers and time felt like no object, I ordered a pint of Great Divide’s Colette, an engaging saison and just one of at least a dozen guest beers that’s better than Trinity’s house-brewed stuff.

In addition to an earthy funk decor, Trinity boasts an impressive list of guest beers.

No food this trip, but the service was good and we enjoyed the aged cheddar that accompanied our sampler tray. The decor felt great but the beers disappointed just a touch. With any luck this place will kick it up a notch. Just off the interstate, it’s worth checking out if you’re passing through, but I wouldn’t make a destination of it. Not yet.


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