Peace Tree

In my neck of the trees, the Peace-stylies are still a little scarce, so a quick stop at Beer Crazy in Des Moines as we worked our way north for a little R & R in the woods satiated the ol’ tastebuds: we got our first taste of Peace Tree Brewing Company, a new Knoxville, Iowa brewery.

First off, Mark at Beer Crazy gets bonus points for putting up with me–

Me: “Hey, Mark, can you throw some beer in the cooler for me? I’ll be by in a few hours to pick it up.”

Mark: “Sure.”

I arrived at my favorite Iowa beer store a few hours later, and there it was, ready for imbibing: a mixed sixer of cold Peace Tree brews. Over a weekend of hiking and campfires, I worked my way through their Red Rambler, Hop Wrangler and Rye Porter.

We set up camp with Red Rambler and this is a nice drinker. Lots of character in a fairly pedestrian style, and they should sell a lot of it. I found it went well with veggie burgers, hot dogs and bocce. A great grill beer, I also noticed that it goes very well all by itself.

I fired up a Hop Wrangler for a post-hike refresher. It worked just fine. Utilizing English and American hops as well as Belgian yeast, it’s an international IPA. Satisfying on so many levels, this beer is a nuanced addition to the IPA world, and Peace Tree should be very proud.

Enthused that the first two beers were winners, I was keen to try the Rye Porter. I love porters, but I don’t really care for rye in my beer. So how would I respond? The objective response is that it was a well-done beer. But for personal reasons that the reader should ignore, I’ll drink more of the other two. Try it for yourself, as it is a nice beer.

Apart from the quality of these new Iowa beers, I’m happy that there’s another good, local option. Further, the branding is great and the squat bottles are distinct and just look cool. Not that that crap has anything to do with anything–it’s what’s in the bottles that matters–I think it will help to charm new customers.

It’s just a bonus for us that what’s in the bottle is engaging and delicious.


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