Pass the duct tape

A recent brewery malfunction: my wort chiller is peeing.


4 Responses to Pass the duct tape

  1. Adam says:

    apparently this is the weakest spot in the chiller. mine did the same after about 5 years. I ended up getting a double female connector and just cutting it off and splicing in a new curved tail. now if it happens again, I just need two new compression collars and another short section of copper and I can perpetually fix it. (sans duct tape)

  2. Wilson says:

    I’ve had this one for a good 12 years, so I guess I’m lucky. It’s an easy enough fix, though an oh crap surprise when it actually happened, not wanting dirty water in my clean wort.

  3. Glenn says:

    Had that happen to me on the hot side of the chiller, the actual compression nut cracked(I’ve got garden hose ends on mine). Luckily the water stream pointed away from the wort, but right toward me and ouch! it was really hot 😉

  4. Bailey says:

    So, that’d be a Fuller’s cask, then?

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