Jennings Farm Mild

It used to be that all my beers had names with musical references (Red Zeppelin; Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Ale; Mojo Risin’ Dunkelweizen). And then they shifted to the yins and yangs of Remedy, Molotov Cock’d Ale, Sanctuary, West Coast Glutton, Ceremony and O Happy Dagger.

Oh, sure, For those about to Bock came along a year or so ago, but that was just a needle in the recent haystack of beers.

Today, it’s Jennings Farm Mild, a Robert Plant reference that is a tweaked version of a mild I brewed for the first time in the summer of 2008.  This one’s smoother and contains more deliciousness–just the way I like it.


2 Responses to Jennings Farm Mild

  1. Adam says:

    let me know when the beer-label t-shirts are made. 😉

  2. Bailey says:

    Nice label design. I’d probably buy that if I saw it on a shelf in a bottle shop.

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