GPS failure: using my resources to find beer

Just because I’m a fairly bright guy, doesn’t mean I plan ahead every time. Or have time to plan ahead every time.

Yesterday, I took my uncle to the airport in Kansas City. It occurred to my busy self that I should check out a beer store, so I quickly hit beermapping for beta. It looked like I should hit Gomer’s of Missouri.

I learned yesterday that my Garmin doesn’t recognize Highway 9 in Kansas City or Parkville. Since I noticed on the map that Gomers was about 10 miles south of the airport, I just decided to head that direction and sniff beer out of unfamiliar territory, bad parts of town be damned, if need be.

Coincidentally, I got off on the perfect exit. Scoping the scene, I noticed a beer delivery guy  headed to his truck. I knew he could help. Sure enough, I was but a short distance away. While the stereotype that guys don’t like asking for directions is basically true, finding beer is a whole different beast. I’ll happily ask a distributor, because I know he knows my answer.

Gomer’s was, indeed, a good find. They had live music and a free tasting rolling (Avery’s Beast and other big friends), as well as a good selection of beer, wine and hard stuff. I’ve seen more mind-bending beer aisles, but this place was full of character, helpful folk and a respectable beer haul.

And I managed to find it.


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