Iowa Farmhouse Ale Festival

It was a modest crowd for (what I hope to be) this festival’s inaugural run, but the Iowa Farmhouse Ale Festival put on by Eric Sorensen and Rock Bottom–Des Moines was a tasty-good time.

Offering 29 beers from 20 different breweries, this Farmhouse-centric fest is the perfectly focused affair for an agricultural place like Iowa. Whether from Des Moines or France or Belgium, the beers focused on bieres de garde, saisons and wit. There were usual suspects and big names, and there were words we couldn’t pronounce. It takes me  a while to wrap my tongue and brain around something like Kleinbrowerij De Glazen Toren Jan de Licht, but doesn’t take long to know I like it.

Somehow, I’ve never gotten around to Sofie or Le Merle, and both were in line with their reputation. The brett action was popular–Jolly Pumpking Bam Noir and Boulevard Saison Brett and Ommegang Bier de Mars–and if my tastebuds were dogs their tails would have been wagging. All the way home.


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