Qualities of a good boss

10. Friendly

9. Competent

8. Doesn’t take self too seriously

7. Likes bacon

6. Shares homebrew

5. Pulls me away from work with beer or food topics

4. Puts up with my music

3. Attends my beer tastings

2. Buys doughnuts for employees

1. Brings me beer back from trips

Long story short, whether it’s Don bringing his homebrews or Jon’s recent return to the office with Goose Island’s delicious Night Stalker Imperial Stout, I’m in good hands.


2 Responses to Qualities of a good boss

  1. Brandon says:

    Are you hiring? What I would give for a work environment like that. I think I am going to have to create my own.

  2. shenanigans says:

    next job i go for i’m going to ask for their references and see how it matches up to this.. not much to ask for is it?

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