Boss Tom

It’s not exactly Mai, but at least it’s starting to show signs of spring, even in our neck of the Plains. With the horseshoes and baseballs flying through the air on a sunny afternoon, yesterday seemed a good time to crack open Boulevard’s Boss Tom Golden Bock.

It was my own Tom’s birthday weekend, but that’s mere coincidence. I’ve been looking forward to this beer for some time. I’ve got access to delicious brewpubs, but not so many local bottle releases coming our way.  According to the label, and Boulevard’s website, the name is a nod to a little local KC history:

At the height of the Great Depression, Kansas City was controlled by legendary political boss Thomas J. Pendergast, whose “Goat” faction feuded with rival “Rabbits” for partisan dominance. The atmosphere of graft and lawlessness made the town a wide-open Jazz-Age mecca, earning Kansas City the title “Paris of the Plains.”

So the Boss Tom shows up, an herbal-hop induced golden malt delight. Satisfying, indeed, on an early spring day.


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  1. […] fella was a little fruitier and hazier than the Boss Tom from a coupla days ago, delicious and drinkable. It’s a tasty beer that shows the SN’s […]

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