They grow up so fast

First, Jake goes to his first junior high dance on Friday night, and then Kyle takes his first homebrewing medal on Saturday.

I feel so old. It seems like just yesterday that Kyle was drinking beer in silver cans filtered through a mountain goat. And now look at him. A bronze medal around his neck for his Belgian dark strong.

He’s been a sponge, taking in flavors and information, and barely 10 batches in, he’s got a documented winner on his hands. Very cool.

We had a good time judging at the IBU Open in Des Moines yesterday, though the first flight I judged was fairly lackluster. The best beers I had all day were actually meads–the first and second place meads were incredible and somebody had something commercial there to taste.

I also had a good conversation with Adam, one of your brewvana reading brethren. What was that question the Beer Wench asked? What is the coolest part of beer blogging? As most interviewees have responded, it’s the people you meet.

Cheers, Adam and congrats, Kyle!

And Jake, make good decisions.


One Response to They grow up so fast

  1. Adam says:

    and a diverse conversation at that: Beer, cheese, laws, pretzels, God, testicles, dehydrators, careers, performing acts, salsa, sausage, & beer distribution. Good thing we saved a few topics for the next time we cross paths….Prost!

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