Coming soon to Iowa: bigger beer


They say that two things you don’t want to watch being made are laws and sausage. While I see the point, I gotta disagree. I’ve been involved in both within the last few weeks, and I find them both satisfying. At least when you win. Not sure how you can lose with sausage.

In any case, despite a few delays, tweaks and shuffles, the effort to raise the alcohol limit in Iowa can now be placed in the win column, as the Senate unanimously passed, with a few changes, SF 2088 a few days ago. Yesterday, all but one member of the House offered their thumbs up!

Technically, beer might not be the most important piece of the legislation, but the state reorganization bill is where the language eventually fell–and it passed. And I’m happy. On to Governor Culver, it goes, and as I understand it, he’s on our side–and it will go into effect immediately when he signs.

Here’s the Des Moines Register article.

Hoist one, tonight!


One Response to Coming soon to Iowa: bigger beer

  1. Glenn says:

    Pop the Cap – Iowa style!! Congrats!!

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