Good news for Iowa beer

I just received a press release stating that the House approved SF 2088!

On a unanimous vote, the Iowa House today approved another piece of the government reorganization initiative that boosts savings so far to $272 million. As the national recession cause a steep decline in state revenues, the reorganization effort was launched last year to help balance the state budget while preserving Iowans’ priorities in education, jobs, and health care.

“The government reorganization effort approved today eliminates waste and saves millions of dollars for Iowa taxpayers.
From cost-saving measures to making state government more efficient to improving the services that the state offers, our reorganization efforts so far this year total $272 million and makes our state stronger and more responsive,” said State Representative Mary Mascher of Iowa City, who won approval of the bill.

The goal of Senate File 2088 is to create more accountability for taxpayer dollars and
eliminate wasteful spending by consolidating agencies and delivering services to Iowans more efficiently.

Why is that good for a beer lover? Because even though Iowa beer folks have been watching HF 2091 for change in the Iowa beer laws, which would include upping the allowable alcohol content Iowa brewers may produce to 12%ABW, as well as allowing wholesalers to distribute these same higher alcohol beers rather than the current method of distributing them through the state like hard liquor, SF 2088 has language that accomplishes the same task.

Thank you to District 78 Representative Vicki Lensing (D) for her work on behalf of Iowa brewers and imbibers. Thanks to my personal rep–Cecil Dolecheck and my already-on-board Senator–Kim Reynolds. And thanks also to those who have hustled to contact all the right people at all the right times over the last week or two.

The bill now goes back to the Senate for a vote, so our work is not done. Contact your senator and ask them to support SF 2088, which covers a lot more real estate than just beer.

Peace and Pints, all!



One Response to Good news for Iowa beer

  1. Glenn says:

    Good news for you guys, congrats! Keep stirring up trouble big guy!!

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