IOWA BEER ALERT: Iowa Beer Equality Law

Please take the time to contact ALL of the senators listed BEFORE Thursday, Feb. 4. SF 2091 was introduced into the Iowa Senate today, to help lift the abw limitations that Iowa brewers (and consumers) have to face. The amended version of this bill will be presented and voted on in the Senate State Government Committee this Thursday (tomorrow).
Call or email them and ask them to support this bill, which will allow Iowa breweries and brewpubs to manufacture and sell beer up to 12% abw, and allow wholesalers to distribute up to 12% abw, rather than the current distro through the state.
Stacie Appel (D, District 37), Chair
John P. (Jack) Kibbie (D, District 4), Vice Chair
Randy Feenstra (R, District 2), Ranking Member
Dennis H. Black (D, District 21)
Thomas G. Courtney (D, District 44)
Jeff Danielson (D, District 10)
Dick L. Dearden (D, District 34)
David Hartsuch (R, District 41)
Jack Hatch (D, District 33)
Wally E. Horn (D, District 17)
Pam Jochum (D, District 14)
James A. Seymour (R, District 28)
Steven J. Sodders (D, District 22)
Ron Wieck (R, District 27)
If you live down my way, your reps are:
State Rep. Cecil Dolecheck (R), District 96
State Senator Kim Reynolds (R), District 48
If you live elsewhere, please contact your representatives and encourage them to support this bill.
Don’t put this off if you live in the state of Iowa; as we proved with Pop the Cap in North Carolina, your email, phone calls and letters do make a difference. NC’s House Bill 392 was signed into law on August 13, 2005. Make this Iowa’s year for a better beer life.
Peace and Pints!
PS-thanks to Sean Wilson, Mr. Jones and Mrs. Robinson for inspiring  a Zep fan to get involved in something bigger than The Immigrant Song.

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