Ten ’09 beers that spoke to me

While I still have a little more than a week to go, it’s probably fairly safe to take a look back on the 500 beers I’ve tried this year to tease out a few favorites.

Top ten favorite beers that I drank this year for the first time (in no particular order):

Rock Bottom (Des Moines) Hopfenweizen: Back when I tried it, I described it like this: “soft, vanillabananapuddingpineappleapricotpapayatropicallovecreaminess.” I also used the word divine, and I stand by that.

Upstream Blue Mystic Saison: A really good saison, spanked with ginger.

New Belgium Transatlantique Kriek: A really good transatlantique, spanked with krieks.

Mountain Sun Temperance Belgian Pale Ale: Just a deliciously quaffable BPA at an unplanned stop in Boulder this year.

New Glarus Golden Ale: an awfully good brett-ified beer for such an unassuming name.

New Glarus Old World Porter: Dan Carey is the freaking genius of amazingness, and this is just another installment of his handiwork. Brewed old school, soured and whatnot, this beer was incredible.

Boulevard Saison Brett: a twist on their regular saison, which is excellent, this one has the brett action happening in all its tasty glory.

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest: I think this is the beer Barry White was singing about, when he said, “Can’t get enough of your love, baby.”

Court Avenue Sophie’s Mild: On cask, this beer was stunningly flavorful and drinkable and lovable.

My Olde School Ale: to stick a homebrew on the list, I was really happy with my first go at an old ale, a style I love. So glad this beer turned out well.

A couple of other thoughts worth mentioning:

We stopped by Redstone Meadery in Boulder, Colorado and tried their range of meads, all of which were delicious. However, their 2004 Cyser Reserve was straight incredible, and you should try it if you get the chance.

Another Boulder plug, we accidentally stopped for a short-on-time visit to what makes the list as Best New Brewpub I’ve Never Been To, But Can’t Wait To Go Back To Try More Of Their Beers: Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery


2 Responses to Ten ’09 beers that spoke to me

  1. Of your list, I also tried the Flying Dog Dogtoberfest, the NBB Transatlantique Kriek and the New Glarus Old World Porter. Absolutely loved the New Glarus. A sour porter that was fantastic. New Belgium’s T.A. Kriek was nice but they also have a Dark Kriek that I felt was better. Flying Dog’s brew has won some medals at recent GABF’s. One of my favorite Oktoberfest brews.

    Saw the picture of the Chocolate Yeti there. I just got a bottle of that – wonder what you thought of that version.

  2. leigh says:

    with you on the Dogtoberfest. I thought FD’s Ragin Bitch was something special, too!

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