33 beers for the holidays

If you’re a dork like me, you find yourself taking notes on beer mats and napkins in bars or restaurants. Failing paper, I just take pictures. But you can’t take notes on a point-and-shoot.

Enter 33 Beers from Dave Seldon* ** at BS Brewing. It’s a beer diary of sorts, “a pocket companion and memory aid,” according to the website.

Compact, yet jammed with a useful note taking skeleton, it’s a perfect little tool for the beer enthusiast. I liked it right away because after watching Zane Lamprey’s Three Sheets to Newcastle, I’ve been attracted to this cool little “spider graph,” or flavor wheel, which allows for quick notes on the various aspects of a beer. Dave has incorporated that, plus room for other incidentals like abv, ibus, serving method and space for actual notes.

Thirty-three Beers is a vast improvement over my current little notebook that I’ve been using to tick my way across 2009:

It’s a blank journal I made my own crafty self from a Duck-Rabbit Porter six-pack carrier. My notebook is great for writing down whatever I want, but it doesn’t fit in my pocket. For my ticker project, I haven’t been worrying about taking notes; it’s all I can do to get my stupid conquests recorded. But if I’d had 33 Beers handy, I might as well have.

However, 33 Beers is finite. You can only record–you guessed it–33 beers in it. My only criticism would be to make it something like 198 Beers, six times the fun and still smaller than an Altoid tin. After all, I sample more than 33 beers at some beer festivals–in that case I’d need more than one copy on hand on any given day.

Where my 2009 Ticker Project is concerned, it’s December 12 and I’m at 490 beers, which means I’d be on my fifteenth book by now. I wonder if they offer binding services?

But the whole point is brevity, so I should shut up.

Long story short, this is a cool little product, and just in time for the holidays.


*Truth be told, Dave sent me a coupla samples.

**Dave’s pretty cool, because not only is he originally from Iowa, he’s also “bacony”


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