Improving on deliciousness

“A gourmet who counts calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.”

–James Beard

Around the holidays, I usually fire up a batch or two of peanut brittle. I very carefully follow my great-aunt Betty’s recipe, but tonight, I diverged. I had bacon on my mind.

Rather than tossing in raw Spanish peanuts at 234F, I waited until about 295F, and tossed in a crisp and crumbled pound of bacon, which I had fried previously. Really good, and simple. Give it a shot:

Bacon Brittle

2 c sugar

1 c white corn syrup

1/2 c water

1 pound bacon, fried crisply, and crumbled

1 tsp. vanilla

1/8 tsp. salt

1 tsp. baking soda

1 T butter

Combine the first three ingredients in a heavy pot over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Cover and cook for three minutes. Remove lid and cook until 295F. Add bacon and raise to 300F. Off heat, add remaining ingredients and stir well. Spread on a well-buttered cookie sheet. Cool until hard, then crack into small pieces of your preferred size. Eat and smile.

Where beers are concerned, I happened to be drinking wit tonight, but I kept thinking that a tripel would be great. Or Scotch ale or doppelbock. I can see bacon brittle crumbled up and sprinkled on good vanilla ice cream, with a big chunk topping it–definitely the Scotch ale on that one.


4 Responses to Improving on deliciousness

  1. Glenn says:

    Now I can live with this way better then the stuff on the previous post 😉 Hope you had a great T-day…

  2. Kelly says:

    So…is Aunt Betty’s recipe in the Wilson cookbook? Dad loves peanut brittle but Dani and I screwed it up pretty good a couple years ago. Not sure if we’re up to the challenge again or not.

  3. Glenn says:

    I now refer to you as the king of bacon! Tried the recipe and it was really good. And I made a whole lot of friends at work too after they sampled it!

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