Willie Wild and Sophie’s Mild

DSC03661With a thirst for a beer and a band, Wonderful Beer Wife and I trekked to Des Moines last night to catch one of our favorite bands, Old Crow Medicine Show, at the beautiful Hoyt Sherman Place.

There were errands involved, because sometimes a guy needs yeast and potassium metabisulfite. But we mostly headed straight for  Court Avenue Brewing Company, a brewpub I feel like we’ve neglected. We tried their Memoriale (saison), Black Hawk Stout, Bon Pere (their Brewer’s Reserve biere de garde) and Sophie’s Mild on cask.

They were all good, though the saison was a bit pithy. The Bon Pere was a treat, but to be honest, I was really grooving on the mild. I could have weathered gallons of that stuff. If I could clone that, it would be my new summer beer (also good in autumn). Good is good anytime, but that was a quaffer.

And then, Old Crow. They kicked ass. Willie Watson is a scrawny, pickin’ monster, and as I watched him vibrate and erupt and manhandle and blaze, I wondered why it is that Mick Jagger’s so reserved and boring to watch.


One Response to Willie Wild and Sophie’s Mild

  1. Jeff Bearer says:

    Nice! You blog title caught my eye because Sophie’s Mild is the beer over any other from the GABF that I’ve been telling everyone about.

    I was walking down the isle headed somewhere that I can’t remember walking past several tables that had no line. I figured I’d glance up and see what these lonely breweries were serving. By chance I saw ‘Mild’ and I needed to stop and try it.

    Even after drinking big, hoppy, and sour beers for hours I was shocked how much flavor Sophie’s Mild had on my palette.

    Kudos Court Avenue for making one outstanding session beer. I dragged as many beer people as I could to your table to make them taste it.

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