DSC03617In the interest of shutting me the hell up, Michelle challenged me a while back to describe beers with only three words. I had to say stuff like “citrus, pine and bitter,” or “balanced, toasty, smoke-hints.” Smoke-hints was my way of adding a word. Hyphens are cool cheater tools, I’ve found.

With that, I’ll try to describe Redhook’s Treblehook Barley Wine Ale in three words:

1. pine-drops-of-fuzz-love-and-10.1-hidey

2. leggy-body-and-Coke-ified-caramel-dried-apricot

3. copper-hued-sugary-reverse-olfaction-and-good-by-the-fire

Run your mouth all you want, I think it’s a pretty tasty beer, and I can see why it’s taken some hardware (GABF gold and silver).


As a matter of full disclosure, I’m exercising my semi-pro beer drinker-ness tonight. Doug MacNair, from Redhook, was kind enough to send this beer my way.


One Response to Treblehook

  1. FUN & FACT says:

    God wanted us to be happy and that’s why he made beer. I won’t be able to live on any other planet because only earth has beer.

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