Toaster’s choice

DSC03606We recently managed an opportunity for a family and job shift, and, as usual, it made sense to pull out something special to mark the occasion.

Our celebration beer at the end of our first night at the Burrito was one of my favorites: La Folie. And then we did dishes until 3 in the morning. For our exit beer, we decided bookends would be appropriate, so–another bottle of La Folie–which both closes and opens wonderful chapters of our life like few beers can.

My new boss, a regular at our Beer Education Project tastings, showed up to help drain our last keg of stout (successful) and try this magically sour elixir. Everyone in-house at closing got a taste, and since I found myself focused on one or two conversations, I’m not sure of everyone’s impressions of the beer. They were polite at least, as they knew it was a good beer and good moment to me.

I started my new position as editor of the local weekly newspaper on Monday, and, happily, did not train-wreck the first issue. It’s great to get back to journalism, though weird not to write about beer every time I sit down to a keyboard. Life is full of compromises. Drink to them!


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