Quarterly Beer Report (Q3)


My Life as a Ticker in 2009

one woman many beersThe third in this year’s series tracking my drinking numbers, I find it interesting that a couple of beer trips made a big kaboom in my numbers, locking the third quarter in as the most beers logged so far this year. In fact, in the months of July through September, I see that I’ve tried more different beers than I did in the first two quarters combined.

Q1: 123

Q2: 76

Q3: 263

Total to date: 463

Yikes! It’s sure to dip from here. No festivals planned. No trips planned. I’ve got homebrew to drink. Which is good, as this is becoming tiresome.

I know I’ve forgotten to log a few, and as I open a previously-tried beer later in the year, I have a hard time remembering if I’ve had it before earlier this year, or simply late last year or some other time in my life altogether. My method is to number and list each beer as I have them. Since this is not alphabetical, I find myself struggling through my log to ensure that I don’t re-record something. Someone more organized and computery might throw together a spreadsheet.

At this point, I’m just trying to get through this year and this ridiculous project. I am not a ticker, and that life will cease on New Year’s Day with a good beer and a serious kedge.


6 Responses to Quarterly Beer Report (Q3)

  1. Matt says:

    So the image at the top of the post with the label “One Woman, Many Beers” has me curious. Did the non-alphabetical log book make you lose track of the Wonderful Beer Wife or did you really log another woman this year? … or maybe it’s a running tally …

  2. Wilson says:

    Same Beer Wife. Lots more beers.

  3. Glenn says:

    So I still win the prize for guessing the closest right?? 😉

  4. Wilson says:

    Yes, Glenn, you win, though I’m going to do my best to bury your number. If I’d have been thinking, I shoulda tossed the prize into that last box of beers I sent your way. Or called one of them the prize:-)

  5. Good Burp says:

    This is awesome. I wish I kept track all year. But then I might scare myself, and head to rehab.

    1 woman for me too, for the last 15 years!

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