Seasonal Ponderings

The colors are changing and the air has grown crisp. My favorite time of year has arrived, and like many, I’m ready for a new wave of libations: Oktoberfests, Russian Imperial Stouts, Wee Heavies…

DSC03581But then I’m always up for those. It’s just that I’m even more ready. And when the snow falls–all the better. When spring hits, I’ll be ready for a maibock and a wave of change, though I am always prepared to revert to a beer with body, a beer with roast, a beer with dark fruit and kaboom.

I like summer, for about two days, and then I get tired of the heat. You can only take off so many articles of clothing before people look at you funny. So I’d rather have the coolness, and those beers.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually do quite like a lighter beer. I’ve spent a lot of time with Bell’s Oberon this summer, and if you want a review, just read the back of the bottle: “An American Wheat ale with the color and scent of a summer afternoon.”

Kolsch, Dortmunder, helles, Pilsner, wit. These are all delicious, but like the summer heat, the appeal is a brief appreciation. I don’t find myself looking forward to breweries’ summer seasonal releases. I try them and enjoy them and then order a stout.

That’s just me.


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