DSC03582The big 5-0.  37+13. Fifty.

That’s what Jake and I hit yesterday. Seemed a good occasion for a good beer. The Lost Abbey’s Lost and Found emerged from the fridge in all its splendid glory. In short, effing good.

Lovely raisiny-spice-dreamboat-of-attenuation.

I just kept sipping and sniffing and being glad of the good stuff. Like Jake, who is suddenly a teenager. But not the jerky kind.

Cheers, all!


2 Responses to Fifty

  1. Glenn says:

    Happy Birthday you young whippersnapper!

  2. Happy Birthday. Welcome to the 50 club. I joined it earlier this year myself. It’s a milestone I rather would have waited longer to hit but you get used to it. Cheers!

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