BEP continues

DSC03538Is it me being busy or is it me forgetting my camera all too often?

It’s a little both, and I’m sure my wife will be glad of the latter, as she frequently ponders aloud how it is that I have my camera in hand when we hit a brewpub, but not when we’re on the way to some school program.

In any case, our Beer Education Project, launched nearly a year ago to support the Iowa craft beer lineup that we feature at Electric Burrito, continues its noble work of enlightening our Bud-soaked landscape with the Good News of Beer. It’s just that somehow, the slack blogger that I am, I don’t always post rundowns. Hopefully you’ve been getting along okay without them.

Last night, we took a stroll through the English countryside. We did Boddington’s, Fuller’s London Pride, Fuller’s ESB, Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown, Original Flag Porter and Horndog Barley Wine. I ran my mouth about styles and history and flavor and aroma and malt and hops and mouthfeel and amazing-ness, and they really did ask a lot of questions. All the beers were well-received, and Flag Porter did its job of teaching people that dark beer isn’t scary. In fact, it’s delicious.

Up next, proof that the Beer Education Project is working: a topic that sounds like one I geekily came up with, but I did not. After our blind tasting of “light-colored” beers back in April, discussion at the table turned to the idea of serving temperatures. So I’ll be honoring Jon’s request of several different beers served at three different temperatures. Cellar temp-ish. Cooler temp. And ice cold.

I’m thinking PBR and stout and everything in between…


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