Beer Travel Essential: Garmin


After a couple trips during the early part of this year in which our plans changed and timelines shifted in unfamiliar lands, my clamor for a solution grew louder.

You can print all the directions you want, but when you decided to hit the beer store, then the brewpub (for whatever reason) or need to leave out a planned stop altogether, it sucks to fiddle around with those printouts laboring to get yourself “back on the map.” The time wasted could have been spent with a beer in your hand.

Enter the Garmin. Plug in the address. It tells you how to get there. Miss a turn and it recalculates a new route. We took our new Garmin on its maiden voyage(s) to Colorado and Wisconsin this past month and never missed a beat. If you travel to parts unknown, I’d consider this one a must have.


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