Great Taste Chronicles ’09, Part 2

“They talk of my drinking, but never my thirst.”

–Scottish saying

Keeping these words of wisdom and truth in mind, we showed up to the Great Taste of the Midwest thirsty.

DSC03515This well-run fest has a shuttle system in place from a number of locations around town, so we planned for a gut-filling, base-layer-laying, super power inducing lunch at the Great Dane, one of the shuttle points. If you’ve been wondering what the perfect pre-beer food might be, I’d say I found a worthy candidate: the bacon-bratwurst burger, which boasted not only bacon, but 1/3 pound of beef and 1/4 pound of bratwurst patty. Since I was thirsty, I washed it down with a Devil’s Lake Red Lager, which was delicious.

This mystical lunch left me something close to bulletproof: due to my 2009 A Ticker’s Life Project, we kept track of every beer sampled. After 123 samples at the fest, I was still in good shape. Somebody call Zane Lamprey.

Poor Glenn. He’s going to be disappointed. He thought I’d drink 400 different beers this year, but midway through August, I’ve managed to hit 401 (though I’m here to tell you that that number is ready to take a nose dive from here on out).

Once again, this was an excellent festival. The threatening weather cleared as we stood in line and we were dealt out a little steamy heat, which I preferred over rainy mud. Despite missing out on a number of special tappings, we tracked down delicious beers aplenty and ran onto a number of friends and fellow beer lovers.

A few beery highlights: Cumberland Brews’ Kentucky Keister, Metropolitan’s Dynamo Copper Lager, Goose Island’s Framboise, Three Floyds’ Vanilla Dark Lord, Millstream’s Brett IPA, Kuhnnhen’s (well, everything) and The Livery’s Dark Tripel (good beer, wrong name). I stumbled across a number of tasty helles and at least one good Dortmunder, and was happy to find something new from Iowa worth seeking out: the Einfach stuff from Old Man River Brewing, in McGregor.

There were many more, but time became our enemy. The day came to a close, and my burger’s magic was starting to wear off. And my thirst had been slaked.


One Response to Great Taste Chronicles ’09, Part 2

  1. Glenn says:

    Ah but don’t forget the deal.. All you said was whoever got closest.. And since I was the only one who voted 😉

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