Great Taste Chronicles ’09, Part 1

A taste of last year’s Taste left us hankering for more, and so there was little choice but to heed the beery call.

DSC03508This trip had a different dynamic than last year’s journey, as Kyle came along to attend the festival, and Uncle Jesse (or Aunt Jessica for you non-Dukes-of-Hazzard-types) came along to hang with our boys at museums and gun stores and flower shops or whatever it is that they did.

Like last year, we routed ourselves through New Glarus (so we could check out the new Hilltop facility and so Kyle could absorb this excellence from the source. Crap-adelic, this was a beautiful brewery, inside and out. One thing you’ll notice from this trip is that I didn’t take many pictures, and this is one stop where that is a particularly profound loss. Sorry.

How does one get wowed by a brewery with so many incredible beers? It’s easy, really: try something new. Golden Ale. Sounds simple. But in Dan Carey’s hands this brett-ified elixir gets outstanding with the quickness. Just a delightful beer. NG had a great-sounding band smoking it hard in a beautiful atomosphere, making the fact that we have too many New Glarus tasting glasses a pretty lousy reason to skip this stop next year.

DSC03509Following New Glarus, we ventured a ways north for the Mt. Horeb Mustard Museum (wow, they’ve got a lotta mustard) and a bite to eat at The Grumpy Troll (also on last year’s itinerary). Michelle, Kyle and I worked our way through eleven samples before settling in on a pint to accompany our meal. I went for the stout.

Though I had given attention to the Madison pre-fest parties featuring various breweries at various bars, we wound up heading straight for our rooms and calling it a night. One, we were traveling as a family. Two, I wanted be in top shape for the festival itself. So it was a blend of Food Network and History Channel before the sleep overtook and closed out a good day.


One Response to Great Taste Chronicles ’09, Part 1

  1. Bailey says:

    Love that label on the beer at the top of the post. It looks like it’s been salvaged from a sunken English man-o-war in the Carribean.

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