The Bicycle Built for Brew

bbfbrew2I’ve had a few folks ask how RAGBRAI went for us, so I thought I’d give you a quick rundown. Quick, as I’m short on time: in addition to recovering from Monday’s madness (both physically and restaurantally), I’ve got to sort out frittatas for forty on Friday and our town has another big event coming up on Saturday. Then Sunday morning we’re headed to Colorado for a little barstool mountaineering.

So how was RAGBRAI for the electrifying place that didn’t serve Bud? It was chaotic. The good kind of chaotic. These people, many of our crowd clad in Fat Tire, Arrogant Bastard, SNPA, Summit, Hair of the Dog and Team Good Beer jerseys, loved what we had going on. Yesterday, I was approached by people from church groups and local businesses set up vending, saying that there were many riders that stopped to find the place that had all the Iowa beers. The good margaritas they had heard about. The Iowa beers. The Iowa beers.

A major massage to the old ego, with compliments on our focus on craft beer, our focus on local beer, our focus on Iowa beers. Our Electric Burritos. The fact that we don’t have BMC.

This is your beer list? Everyday? Yep.

Thank you soooo much for not serving Budweiser. Your welcome.

That’s the best burrito I ever ate, and I have high standards for burritos. Thanks; that electric salsa is one of our favorites, too.

Just a lot of heart warming enthusiasm, rewarding and filled with burritos and beer. It was tough to keep up at times, and so difficult to get pictures of the crazier points in the day to give you a feel for what 20,000 bikers look like in a town of less than 2,000. Maybe I’ll get around to posting a few pics when we return from our Garmin-breaking-in trip to Colorado next week (we have Odell, New Belgium, Avery, Oskar Blues and Redstone on the beer [and mead] part of our agenda).

But what I really wanted to show you today, and the pics I took time to drag off my camera, was our Bicycle Built for Brew. We created it specifically to run an extra tap for RAGBRAI, as well as for the Arts and Cars (and contraptions) event coming up this Saturday (if you’re in Iowa and available, I’d invite you to come to Corning and check it out–it’ll be fun, and include two tastings–homebrewers [myself, included] up at the art center and Olde Main’s crew coming down to pour beers at the Burrito). Saturday, the bike will be outside with Jake and Tom’s Ginger Ale pouring for passers by.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of our army-esque Electric Burrito Bicycle Built for Brew that has a sixth barrel keg mounted on the back. One must travel in style.




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