On Beer Y’all

The other day, out of the clear, blue sky, I was reminded of the goodness of people. One, in particular. Glenn gets mentioned from time to time in the brewvana chronicles, and here the rascal is again.

beeryallBut it was more than just Glenn that I thought about after I unwrapped the surprise DVD he had sent my way. I fired up the recently released Beer Y’all, an North Carolina beer and music roadtrip flick, and there it was: the NC beer scene and all those good people with whom I used to clink glasses.

There was Paul and Sean and Jamie and Mike and Thomas and Ray and Cornelia and Jamie and TL and Oscar and Brad and a blip of Ken from behind.

There was Duck-Rabbit and Foothills and Shamrock and Green Man and Big Boss and Carolina Brewery and Pisgah and…

And Uli was incredible…

And I miss giving folks the tour of D-R…

And I miss the flavors, the comradery and the fun and games…

It was a fun film to watch, especially set in the context of good friends and good music. The featurette, A Brewed Awakening, was great, and if I were to complain, it would be that this footage was so important that it really should have been integrated into the film itself.

So I lift a glass to Glenn today as I say thanks for being such a thoughtful beer friend. And I think back fondly of Dave and Mike(s) and Walt and the rest of the CARBOY crew, as well as all those other beery characters we left behind a couple of years ago. The Flying Saucer, The Raleigh Times, Milltown, Sam’s, Dirty Jack’s. Gollum, Surrender Monkey, Rabid Duck, Sexual Chocolate. Raleigh, Durham, Carrboro, Ashville…



2 Responses to On Beer Y’all

  1. fullsteam says:

    A toast to you as well!

    Regarding “A Brewed Awakening,” it’s a really interesting story (at least to me). Initially, the film was intended to be a straightforward romp about beer and music. But along the way — and in post-production — they realized there was a more serious side to the business.

    Not serious in a boring way (at least I hope not, because that’s where my mug shows up)!

    Originally, the movie had a more, let’s say, juvenile working title. It was great to see how the project evolved into something much more well-rounded, but that kept the spirit of fun intact.

  2. Wilson says:

    I remember seeing the responses to their original beerinator post, and am glad they made all the right adjustments to their project. Cheers, Sean!

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