Rural Iowa Film Festival

RIFF 2010(2)

I mentioned a while back that I had more movie tidbits to share than the part about our restaurant’s shirts and signage being selected for an upcoming film (The Crazies, set to release in February of 2010–I even play an MP with a badass gun and a HAZMAT suit).

The tidbit is our plan for Electric Burrito’s second anniversary is to launch the Rural Iowa Film Festival. You can find the full call for entries press release on our Burrito Blog.

A cultural outreach project of Electric Burrito and Prairieland Yoga, Rural Iowa Film Festival (RIFF) is a three-day festival which will include five screening sessions and an awards ceremony, as well as beer and wine tastings, yoga workshops and a showcasing of the many sites, shops and art that Corning and The AC have to offer.

Rest assured, there will be beer involved in this multi-faceted cinematic shindig, this celebration of food, film, family and friends. That’s why I’m telling you. You might be or know and love a filmmaker. You might know that I’m partial to beer content. You might be looking for something to do in May of 2010.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds. Beer and movies on the horizon. Cheers!


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