Going boldly…

BW EB logo….where no man has gone before, I think.

RAGBRAI (c) is set to wheel as many as 20,000 bikers right past our doorstep in a little over a week, and I don’t know how much beer to get.

This seven-day bike ride begins at the Missouri River and heads eastward to the Mississippi each July, and features Iowa towns, pork chops, ears of corn, and lotsa pie and beer.

But nobody’s done what I’m doing, and there’s not much advice to be had. If I served Bud, all I’d have to do is ask my distributor and they’d say, “Yep, Wilson, you need to order seven kegs in this situation.” Unfortunately, I’m the only guy in a town of two thousand selling almost exclusively Iowa beers during a RAGBRAI passing through as the lunch stop.

It is bold to not cave, and sell Bud for ease, acceptance and assured profits of a certain amount. But I don’t feel very bold as I guess wildly at how  much to stock. We’ll be doing our regular taps of Millstream’s John’s Generations White Ale and Raccoon River’s Stonecutter Stout. And we’ll be adding Millstream’s Iowa Pale Ale and margaritas (thanks to my homebrew kegs, if ever I can get another one emptied) on draught for the day.

There are a couple of beer-related cycling teams that put together beer guides for the week’s route, and I’ve been contacted by both, and have received emails and read on forums excitement for what we’re doing. That’s encouraging, but how much is enough?

Will we have enough? Will we have too much? Will it rain and crap on even the best-laid plans? Stay tuned…


2 Responses to Going boldly…

  1. Matt says:

    fight the good fight. Load up. Worse case scenario, you have extras for yourself and those in town who love good beer.

  2. Adam says:

    how did RAGBRAI turn out? give us all the foam!

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