Quarterly Beer Report (Q2)

DSC02993As I mentioned last quarter, I became curious about how many beers I get through in any given year after taking a look at some of the outlandishly intense resumes submitted for Wynkoop’s Beer Drinker of the Year competition.

So I’m attempting to log all beers consumed for 2009. It’s been difficult to stay disciplined and record everything, and it’s possible at this point that a few have been left off the list, but I’d say it’s a pretty good breakdown of what I’ve actually consumed.

Q1: 123 different beers tried, including 40 new-to-me commercial beers

Q2: 76 different beers tried, including 47 new-to-me commercial beers

Total at the halfway point: 199 beers tried; 87 new beers

My numbers dropped  a little for the second quarter, largely because I had judged at a competition in the first quarter. However, I tried more new beers in the second quarter, which I’d attribute to the trip (and beer buying frenzy) that Kyle and I took to Madison back in April.

Glenn’s right on target with his prediction of 400.

The third quarter is already looking good, as we’re headed to Colorado for some barstool mountaineering in late July, and then Madison again for The Great Taste of the Midwest in August.


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